Thursday, January 26, 2006

No 'early nuclear waste solution' News - Latest News - No 'early nuclear waste solution'

The Greens and the SNP have stepped up pressure on the Executive after an expert report said there could be no early solution to the problem of nuclear waste.
First Minister Jack McConnell has so far said there would be no new nuclear power stations in Scotland until the waste issue has been resolved.
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But he has been under pressure to go further, and an extract of a draft report by expert advisors to the government - the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CORWM) - was seized on by opponents of nuclear power.
The extract said: "If ministers accept our recommendations, the UK's nuclear waste problem is not solved. Having a strategy is a start. The real challenge follows."
The committee's report on waste storage strategies is expected in July. It is examining four options - temporary storage above or just below the surface; deep geological disposal up to 2km underground; a phased version of this in which the waste would be monitored and retrievable for hundreds of years; and burying waste with short-lived radioactivity just below the surface within engineered barriers.
Green MSP Chris Ballance said: "The admission in this document reveals that Jack McConnell will never be able to justify a new nuclear reactor this side of the May 2007 election, and it exposes the arrant nonsense that proposals to manage the nuclear waste legacy could possibly be described as solving the problem.
"On top of the costs, dangers, risks and a failure to truly tackle climate change, nuclear power creates waste that is not going to be magicked away by the CORWM report."
And SNP MSP Richard Lochhead said: "Scottish ministers must now change their policy on nuclear to one of outright opposition. No solution for dealing with nuclear waste means no more nuclear for Scotland.
"Nuclear power is dirty, dangerous and unwanted in Scotland, and this report only shows that our objections to nuclear power are totally justified."
An Executive spokesman said: "The final report from the committee will be with us in the summer. That's when we will give their report detailed analysis."
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