Thursday, November 03, 2005

BHP not backing nuclear power industry.

BHP not backing nuclear power industry. 04/11/2005. ABC News Online

Mining giant BHP Billiton says it has no plans to push for a nuclear power industry in Australia.

South Australian Premier Mike Rann is touring the company's Olympic Dam uranium mine in the state's north, which may be expanded by its new owner.

Despite a potential four-fold increase in uranium production at the mine, BHP Billiton's base metals chief, Roger Higgins, says nuclear power is not on his agenda.

"Without the copper and the other products, the gold and silver, there wouldn't be a mine here," he said.

"So the uranium is a very important by-product that's the part of the nuclear energy cycle that we're in and there is no policy in Australia for nuclear power and we're not interested in seeing that change, and if it does then we'll react to that at the time."


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