Friday, October 28, 2005

Russia to commission three nuclear power plant units by 2010

YEKATERINBURG-ASTANA, October 28. KAZINFORM. - Three power plant units with the total capacity of 3,000 megawatt will be commissioned in Russia by 2010, Chairman of the State Duma Energy, Transport and Communications Committee Valery Yazev said at a Friday seminar on legislative regulation of the fuel and energy industry.

He said the second unit of the Rostov nuclear power plant would be commissioned in 2008, and the fourth unit of the Kalinin nuclear power plant and the fifth unit of the Balakovo nuclear power plant would be commissioned in 2010, Kazinform quotes Itar-Tass.

“The service life of six large units of Russian nuclear power plants would expire by that time,” Yazev said. “The Federal Atomic Energy Agency decided to delay the commissioning of the fifth unit of the Kursk nuclear power plant from 2007 to 2014 although the unit is ready at more than 70%. The construction and commissioning of power plant units, especially at nuclear power plants, is lagging behind the growing needs of the Russian economy,” he said.

“The construction of a fast neutron reactor with a closed fuel cycle and a possibility to dispose war-grade plutonium, a BN-800 unit of the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant, is a priority that requires governmental support,” he said. “The design of a new generation of fast neutron reactors will make it possible to use natural uranium, war-grade plutonium and spent nuclear fuel,” he said.

The Beloyarsk nuclear power plant’s third unit has the world’s only industrial fast neutron reactor, BN-600. Its service life will expire by 2010.


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