Thursday, August 11, 2005

More than 80% power in China is thermal

People's Daily Online -- More than 80% power in China is thermal

More than 80% power in China is thermal

China's installed capacity for power generation has reached 440 million kilowatt, of which 325 million are thermal power, and thermal power generation accounts for 82.6 percent of the total generation.

Installed hydroelectric capacity reached 108 million kilowatt accounting for 24.5 percent of total installed capacity while installed nuclear power capacity makes up 1.6 percent and nuclear power generation represents 2.3 percent. Main renewable energy sources are wind power and solar power generation which accounts for little. Moreover, excessive reliance on thermal power may aggravate further in future.

According to an official with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), strong electricity demand in recent years has accelerated construction of new plant in various parts of China. Among the power plant under construction most are thermal units.

It is estimated that during the eleventh five-year plan period (2006-10) thermal power projects of over 140 million kilowatt would go into operation. What is more, since it takes relatively long period to construct nuclear and hydroelectric power plants most of the units to be put to operation in the next fives year are coal-fired thermal power units.

Therefore, after this circle of construction the makeup of thermal power in the electricity structure will further increase. It is estimated that hydroelectric power will see its proportion decline to 22.6 percent, which will bring great pressure on coal production, transportation and air pollutant emission.

The official said as the planning department the NDRC hopes to turn round the situation in future construction of power plants by increasing the proportions of hydroelectric, nuclear and renewable energies.

For example, it expects to increase hydroelectric power to 165 million kilowatt by 2010, which would account for 23.9 percent of the total installed capacity by then. By the year 2020 installed hydroelectric power would reach 246 million kilowatt to make up 25.9 percent of the total.

By People's Daily Online


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