Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Attitudes to nuclear power changing, says inquiry head.

Attitudes to nuclear power changing, says inquiry head. 11/08/2005. ABC News Online:

The head of an inquiry into Australia's uranium resources says community attitudes are changing towards the use of nuclear-powered energy and says there has been little objection about the future development of the industry.

Inquiry chairman and Liberal MP Geoff Prosser says Australia has 45 per cent of the world's uranium resources, but only supplies about 16 per cent of the market.

The Australian Conservation Foundation and the Northern Territory Environment Centre are among the submissions expressing concern about the development of the industry.

The inquiry is holding its first public hearing today.

But Mr Prosser says community attitudes are changing as pressure grows to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

"Two years ago you would have had this sort of inquiry - there may well have had a lot of opposition," he said.

"We're getting a lot of support and positive submissions now because, as I mentioned, I think most thinking people realise that if we want to meet world greenhouse targets, nuclear power generation's the way to go.

"Australia has a great opportunity to meet that uranium demand.
'This report will further change a shifting thought in the public's mind to a positive attitude towards meeting our greenhouse targets,' he said.
The hearing in Canberra comes a week after the Federal Government assumed control for approving new uranium mines in the Northern Territory.
The world's largest uranium producer is the first witness.
Canadian-based Cameco has spent $55 million exploring the Territory.
Some submissions to the inquiry are objecting to further uranium mining, including one from the NT Environment Centre, which says it is dirty and dangerous."


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