Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Greens: Nuclear power a 'doomed industry'

Nuclear power: Greens: Nuclear power a 'doomed industry'

Greens: Nuclear power a 'doomed industry'
The Green party said today that the human, financial and environmental costs associated with the nuclear industry was 'doomed'.

Responding to reports over safety concerns at the nuclear waste site at Drigg in Cumbria, John Whitelegg, a local Green councillor, said this showed nuclear power could never be a safe source of power.

"Already the area surrounding Sellafield is the most radioactive in the world with a staggering rate of childhood leukaemia; a shocking ten times the national average," he said.

"For the government to attempt to present nuclear power as a safe, clean solution to the problems of climate change in the light of such evidence is an outrage."

He said the government could not "mislead" the public as to the "human, financial and environmental" cots of nuclear power.

"It is time for a realistic energy policy which sees nuclear power for what it is - a doomed industry."


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