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How to end Nuclear Power's Radioactive Menace
Energy market changes give lobbyists the opportunity to demand Congressional support for explosive growth of radioactive energy. Peak Oil and the pace of global warming threaten America's economy and Civilization. Peak Oil limits the amount of cheap oil the world can extract and global-warming demands reduced greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel burning. Will nuclear power fill the oil gap? Is there a practical replacement?

There are two candidates:

1.Hydrogen produced from radioactive energy (Nukes) or;

2. Hydrogen produced from Undepletable Energy including North America?s Abundance of wind, wave, solar, falling water, and biomass.

Without unfair government subsidies and policies, radioactive energy is not feasible. Further, radioactive fuels are depletable and produce highly toxic wastes from which dirty bombs can be made.

These radioactive wastes must be contained and protected for many centuries at enormous risks and incalculable costs to taxpayers. If such wastes had been generated during the time Jesus Christ pled for peace in the Middle East they would need at least another 20,000 years of armed protection! Even conservative cost projections for safe containment and armed guards to keep these materials from dirty-bomb terrorists for the next 50 years defeats the economics of radioactive energy. How do you expect your children and grandchildren to pay the high price of protecting these wastes?

The taxpayer subsidies include insurance limitations, tax breaks, purchase guarantees, taxpayer supported waste storage and other benefits that make radioactive energy appear able to replace oil. Take these subsidies away or provide equal value in government assistance to ==Undepletable Hydrogen== and radioactive energy could not be taken seriously. However, the powerful energy lobby vehemently protects these unfair benefits.

But "fair play" and "a level energy playing field" are as American and as popular as our national anthem These issues could convince Congress to equalize the division of benefits between depletable and Undepletable Clean Energy. It could happen if your elected representatives hear from enough people.

Leveling the playing field would render radioactive energy unfeasible and fossil energy non-competitive. Capital markets are already leery of radioactive energy. A fair and equal distribution of benefits would make Undepletable Energy competitive and would fully close nuclear?s money spigot.

Permitting radioactive plants would be nearly impossible. It would take 2000 mammoth, one gigawatt, nuclear plants to produce enough energy to replace oil for transportation alone. There?d be so many of them they?d be more like corner stores ---- undoubtedly some radioactive materials would ultimately fall into the hands of dirty-bomb makers. (Already countless tons of radioactive materials are missing!)

Without subsidies, a gallon of gasoline would have cost over $5.00 even at 1995 oil prices. With equivalent subsidies, Undepletable Clean Energy could readily compete at this price.

Proven Direct Cylinder SparkInjection technology opens the 800 million-engine transportation market to all Undepletable Energy via hydrogen and conserves fuel in the process. Hydrogen can also power combustion turbine utility plants. Equally focusing capital and policy on hydrogen issues would expedite its entry to transportation, utility and farming markets.

The promise of real competition to Peak Oil profiteering and market domination would further endear domestic capital markets to Undepletable Hydrogen and end the rising threats of new nuclear power plant construction and radioactive waste proliferation.

Together we can make this happen. (Please see our other blogs).


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