Thursday, March 09, 2006

UK's Wicks pledges 'robust scrutiny' of nuclear energy option -

UK's Wicks pledges 'robust scrutiny' of nuclear energy option -

LONDON AFX - The government has pledged 'robust scrutiny' of the potential impacts of using nuclear energy in any future power mix, said Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks. In remarks released by aides ahead of a visit to Manchester today, Wicks is expected to say that the government's ongoing energy review is not a 'headlong rush into building new nuclear plants'. 'It is about hard evidence, not just on the potential of nuclear, but also of renewables, fossil fuels and greater energy efficiency,' he will say in a meeting with safety, security and environmental regulators, environmental groups and nuclear power companies. 'The challenges are big and there'll be no easy or single solution. But I am certain of one thing - robust scrutiny of safety, security and environmental impact would be the prerequisite of going down the road of building new nuclear power stations.' However, Wicks' remarks appear to be out of step with Prime Minister Tony Blair, who yesterday told parliament Britain faced a 'major challenge' if it ruled nuclear power out of its calculations for future energy supply security and carbon emission reduction targets


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