Thursday, January 05, 2006


Agenzia Giornalistica Italia - News In English

(AGI) - Rome, Jan. 4 - "Reconsideration of nuclear power seems to me to be inevitable after the danger of a reduction in gas supplies due to the dispute between Ukraine and Russia", stated President of the House Foreign Affairs Commission, Gustavo Selva, in his article tomorrow in 'Secolo d'Italia'. He writes that nuclear power is necessarily the way forward and that Italy cannot rely on French and Slovenian nuclear power pretending that in the event of an accident it will be immune. He writes of the need to build very safe plants and says that technology in this field has improved enormously and he then adds, "There is naturally a political problem. If the centre-left wins the election nothing would be done because the Greens would impose their will. Prodi has already said that, with him as Prime Minister, nuclear power will not be talked about for at least 20 years. I hope that this also represents for voters, a reason to reflect." (AGI) - 041823 GEN 06


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