Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Business Panel supports the nuclear power option

Business Panel supports the nuclear power option >> .:thebusinessonline.com:.

READERS of The Business overwhelmingly support the construction of nuclear power stations to meet Britain?s electricity needs, an exclusive poll reveals this weekend. Nearly 80% of readers said they supported new nuclear power stations in the first in a series of polls of 1,500 members of The Business Readers? Panel.

Compared with gas and coal plants, 70% said that electricity from nuclear plants would be easier to procure without having to rely on the co-operation of dubious regimes, 51.4% said it was better for the environment, 41.4% that it was more cost-effective, and 16.7% that it was safer to produce.

The majority of readers said the construction of nuclear power stations should be left to market forces, with only 44.6% calling for state subsidies.

But despite the support for nuclear energy, readers also believe there is a role for renewable energy. Only 2.2% of readers said renewables should have no role in meeting Britain?s energy needs ? against 48.2% who said they should have an important role, and 33% who believe they should have a small role. Only 16.2% of readers believe renewables should become the dominant source of energy.

Many readers e-mailed to explain their support or opposition to greater use of nuclear power and renewable energy. One reader said: ?China and India are industrialising at a phenomenal pace and with this comes massively increased worldwide energy usage. Nuclear seems to be the most efficient way of producing electricity?. Another added: ?I am especially against wind farms, which are most inefficient and a real eyesore.? Another commented: ?A diverse energy procurement system is desirable, but there needs to be a cornerstone. Nuclear should provide that cornerstone, with major input from (clean) gas stations.?


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