Tuesday, November 22, 2005

France's Areva applies for uranium exploration licences in Finland

NewsRoom Finland

French nuclear power group Areva said in a statement Monday it had applied for uranium exploration licences in three zones in Finland and registered a new reservation claim 80km northwest of Helsinki.

The first two licences cover an area of 157 square kilometres in the municipalities of Pukkila, Askola, Myrskyl� and Pernaja in southern Finland. The third one is in the eastern municipalities of Eno and Kontiolahti and measures 16 square kilometres.

The new reservation claim, covering an area of 162 square kilometres, is situated within the municipalities of Somero, Nummi-Pusula, Suomusj�rvi and Kiikala.

"Usually, preliminary exploration activities are conducted over a wide area selected due to particular geological characteristics, and then progress to narrow and more focused exploration in areas where the best potential for uranium discoveries has been recognised," Areva added in the statement.


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