Sunday, October 16, 2005

New nuclear power stations are the only option say scientists

Tribune 14 Ooctober 2005 : Chris McLaughlin

Britain's leading academic experts have given the Government a “scientific warranty” to go ahead with a new generation of nuclear power stations.

The move will provide crucial underpinning of the expected decision to fill the looming energy gap with the nuclear option rather than renewable energy supplies.

It is the first time Britain’s foremost scientists, including physicists, environmentalists, geologists, chemists and climatologists, have produced a collective view on the energy crisis.

In early November they are expected to publish a call for the Government to adopt nuclear energy to avert energy shortages in the next decade.

The consensus among the scientists, who met in conference in London this week organised by the Geological Society, is that the nuclear option is the only way to avoid catastrophic “black outs” and rationing.

They will argue that investment in renewable alternatives must be stepped up, but that wind, wave and other options will not be a feasibly sufficient supplier for 30-40 years.


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