Wednesday, October 05, 2005

German SPD, CDU still at odds over nuclear power -

German SPD, CDU still at odds over nuclear power -

10.05.2005, 06:19 AM

FRANKFURT (AFX) - The Social Democrats (SPD) and their Christian Democratic (CDU) rivals remain at odds over the future of the nation's nuclear power plants as negotiations over a so-called 'grand coalition' continue, Handelsblatt reported.

Under a 2001 agreement between the ruling SPD/Green Party coalition and the nation's energy companies, utilities are obliged to shut down nuclear plants after they have been in operation for 32 years.

However, the CDU wants to extend their operating life beyond this limit, Peter Paziorek, the shadow minister for environmental affairs told the newspaper.

'It is not acceptable that the SPD already said before talks on the issue began that they will not negotiate the issue of longer operating periods,' Paziorek said.


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