Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nuclear plant delight at Blair nuclear power peldge

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CUMBRIA moved a step closer to getting a £1bn replacement power station at Sellafield after Prime Minister Tony Blair gave his most public thumbs-up yet for the nuclear industry.

Mr Blair told delegates at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton that the government would publish proposals on energy policy next year.

Mr Blair said: “For how much longer can countries like ours allow the security of our energy supply to be dependent on some of the most unstable parts of the world?

“For both reasons the G8 agreement must be made to work so we develop together the technology that allows prosperous nations to adapt and emerging ones to grow sustainably, and that means an assessment of all options, including civil nuclear power.”

Amicus trades union convenor at Sellafield, John Tear, said today: “What Tony Blair said fits in with all that we have been saying as a trades union. That we need a balanced energy policy and that we can’t rely on gas from unstable parts of the world.

“It is good news for the nuclear industry and good news for the country.”

Industry experts say each new nuclear power station could cost between £1bn to £2bn.


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