Monday, September 12, 2005

Greenpeace lodges official complaint over Finnish nuclear power station

NewsRoom Finland

12.9.2005 at 12:50

The environmental organisation Greenpeace advised Monday that it would be sending an official complaint to the Finnish chancellor of justice, Paavo Nikula, concerning the construction of a new nuclear power station in Olkiluoto.

In its complaint, Greenpeace intends to ask Mr Nikula to determine whether the preparation of the project was illegal or against ministers' directions. The complaint concerns the trade and industry ministry, as well as the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland.

Greenpeace founds its complaint on the basis of an investigation into the legality of the nuclear power station, conducted by British consultancy firm, Large and Associates. The investigation concluded that the safety of the station was not sufficiently studied prior to the granting of construction permission.


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